CD30 are very much an internet dating team according to driver Martin Joyce. With Top Cats having disbanded during 2009, Martin Joyce put an advert up in the lonely hearts section of the Club100 Racing forum. So the initial team of Rag Tag & Bobtail was formed in 2010 and they were bought out by the CD30 giants in a hostile takeover the following year, during which millions of pounds in lawyers fees were exhausted while Martin Joyce sat in the background cackling maniacally to himself, seeing his master plan take shape.

Sorry, I kind of went off on a tangent there. Anyway, the team have become very much a permanent part of the Clubman endurance championship and, although they have never really featured as a championship challenger, they have always been there to pick up the points. The highlight of the team’s career was the emotional victory they scored at the 2013 Bayford Meadows Grand Prix when they drafted in premier driver Richard Higham for a one-off drive. This is, to date, the team’s only podium.

Club100 Career

2011 Clubman Endurance Championship 9th
2012 Clubman Endurance Championship 5th
2013 Clubman Endurance Championship 11th
2014 Clubman Endurance Championship 6th

Associated Drivers

Martin Joyce