Tim Hill

Tim Hill

In the beginning there was the word. Then someone discovered fire. Then some bright spark invented the wheel. At some point between then and the bronze age Tim Hill was born. Sir Tim, as he is more often known, has been around since the beginning of Club100 and possibly since the beginning of time itself. Along with Steve Townsend, he is the only driver who has competed since the first season back in 1993.

With a career spanning well over 20 years, it is hard to summarise this great man’s career. Over the years he has competed with success in sprints, endurance, advance leisure and more recently in the Easykart series. Prior to Club100 he raced for a number of years in a Prokart team before that went sour. In Club100 he is most notable for being a stalwart of the Wolfie team who, until Galliard surpassed them in 2011, were the longest serving team in the Club100 endurance series. Although they never won the championship, the team (which for the most part comprised Tim, Rob Hart and Dave Lewis) managed several wins and were always front-runners.

In 2005 Tim briefly joined the Conservatories Online team alongside Stuart Symonds, Phil Ingram and Brian Trott and took victory in the European championship at Spa Francorchamps. To this day, that remains his only outright title but he has always been a top driver in all the categories he’s competed over the years.

Although he makes fewer appearances at Club100 races, Tim still races in a handful of endurance events each year, mostly as a popular stand-in driver in the premier and 60 minute endurance series. Tim still competes in the sprint series but spends more time now racing in the Easykart championship.

Away from Club100 racing, Tim can often be seen parading on red carpets due to his step-son being a star of the hit TV series Game of Thrones. He plays Bran Stark, one of the few main characters who hasn’t been killed off yet, and Tim often accompanies him around the globe.