Stuart Symonds

Stuart Symonds

The elder of the Symonds brothers, Stuart is a veteran of nearly 20 years and for a long time was the nearly man of the Club100 championship.

Arguably one of the best drivers never to win a sprint championship, Stuart Symonds was very much Club100’s “nearly man”. A six time runner-up in the premier endurance championship only added to that reputation before finally securing the title in 2010.

Motor Racing was in the Symonds’ family. With his father heavily involved with Caterham, Stuart and his brother spent most weekends as a youth at Brands Hatch. However, as is often the case, budget constraints meant he couldn’t pursue his dream of being a racing driver. Being content with a few indoor karting events and racing radio controlled cars, it wasn’t until 1996 that Symonds was finally able to forge his racing career in the still relatively new Club100 sprint championship.

Success was not long in coming and over the next decade Stuart established himself as one of the top drivers, winning several sprint and endurance races at the top level and consistently being a championship challenger. Although he achieved success in the European championships, Symonds always had to play the underdog in the sprints and endurance championships. In fact it took him over a decade to finally secure an endurance championship but, once the floodgates opened, he went on to win two more titles before deciding to take on a new challenge with his younger brother. As one of the established veterans, Symonds effectively retired from the premier sprint championship at the end of 2013 to focus on his new challenge in the endurance series and also no doubt because he felt like an old man with all the youngsters coming into the sport.

A renowned perfectionist when it comes to karts, Symonds is famous for bringing karts in to be tested. Competitive to the core, he has also built a reputation for his ruthlessness and almost photographic memorising of the rules, as was highlighted in 2013 when he famously got winners Tanked Up disqualified for a minor rule infringement, thereby inheriting victory. His mechanical sensitivity and versatility has been proven as he recently began racing in the Mazda MX5 championship, winning on his debut.