Paul Williams

Paul Williams

Despite being a late starter in the karting world, Paul Williams has still managed to enjoy a long and moderately successful Club100 career and is now one of the longest standing and experienced drivers currently racing in Club100.

Paul started racing at his local indoor karting track in Weybridge in the early nineties. Every year his team competed in an event at Buckmore Park and this led to a move to the Playscape Pro karting championship. At the start of 1999, his team reached a deal with Martin Howell to race in Club100 and, after a test at Buckmore Park, competed in the 1999 Class B Endurance Championship. Staying in the Class B the following year saw Paul, alongside team mates James Godfrey and Chris Hoyle, win the championship and move up to the Class A championship the following year.

Over the next couple of seasons Paul would lead his team to a handful of victories but, as the championship expanded into the Premier series and started attracting big names, success became harder to achieve.

Always a safe and consistent driver, Paul kept the Galliard team amongst the top six or seven for several years. Declining results in 2011 and 2012 saw the team disband and Paul moved to the sprint championship for 2013. Still racing and enjoying the frantic sprint series now, Paul has become one of the most experienced and established drivers in Club100.

Club100 Career

1999 Intermediate Endurance Championship 6th
2000 Intermediate Endurance Championship 1st
2001 Premier Endurance Championship 8th
2002 Premier Endurance Championship 13th
2003 Premier Endurance Championship 22nd
2005 Premier Endurance Championship 6th
2006 Premier Endurance Championship 16th
2007 Premier Endurance Championship 12th
2008 Premier Endurance Championship 7th
2009 Premier Endurance Championship 9th
2009 Premier European Championship 8th
2010 Premier Endurance Championship 7th
2010 Premier European Championship 5th
2011 Premier Endurance Championship 11th
2012 Premier Endurance Championship 11th
2013 Heavyweight Sprint Championship 10th
2014 Heavyweight Sprint Championship 22nd
2015 Heavyweight Sprint Championship 15th