Paul Hicks

Paul Hicks

Nickname: Hicksey, The Mascot

Most drivers in Club100 would have heard the name Paul Hicks or “Hicksey” bandied about. Most know him as the mysterious guy in race control who magically translates what’s happening on track onto the big TV screen. However, drivers who have been racing in the series for less than nine years might not realise that he used to be a competitor himself. Not just any old competitor either. He was one of the top drivers and won many championships.

With a distinctive driving style that made him look like he was squeezing out a fart, Paul Hicks started his career with Club100 in the Friday night series with Will Alderton (who now also works in race control) before progressing to the main Club100 sprint championship in the mid nineties.

After a brief hiatus in owner driver racing, sharing a TKM with Will Alderton, he soon returned to the much more budget-friendly and generally friendly Club100 series. Success soon followed and he won the Heavyweight sprint championship in 2003. He achieved even more success in the endurance series, winning five consecutive premier championships between 2003 and 2007 with Marc Craddock, Graeme Coombes and latterly Jamie Jakins.

He also competed abroad and raced in the Dubai 24 Hour and finished runner up at the Spa 10 hour five years in a row before finally taking victory in 2006. He followed this up with victory at du Var in 2007 in what would be his final year of racing. Having stopped sprint racing at the end of 2006, he hung up his helmet for good at the end of the following season, deciding to quit while he was ahead.

As well as his duties in race control, Hicksey turned his attention to cycling. He has competed in prestigious events such as RideLondon and spends time training in Majorca.