Martin Joyce

Martin Joyce

One of the more senior drivers in the Club100 fraternity, Martin Joyce has competed in both sprint and endurance races since 2000, as well as making a brief foray into the Easykart championship. Martin is easily distinguishable by his Stetson and hideous green and black overalls which pay homage to his old Jaguar funded TopCats team.

Martin’s overalls can be dated back to pre-biblical times. The only known race suit that is older than his are Keith Segal’s orange and blue ones, which were recently carbon dated and believed to have been created somewhere around the Cretaceous period. Anyway, the key word in Club100 is “club” and few define the club aspect more than Martin Joyce. Usually seen strutting around the paddock in his Stetson, bare feet and classic overalls, Martin is a veteran of over fifteen seasons. He began racing in pro kart endurance races with Jaguar colleagues, spending six seasons competing around the Midlands area, before moving up to Club100 in 2000, taking the best newcomer of the year award. Despite this accolade, his TopCat team never enjoyed huge success but Martin is a self-confessed club driver who refuses to take himself or his racing too seriously, preferring to enjoy close and fair battles on track and indulge in banter off it. He epitomises what Club100 is all about: Friendly, competitive and fair.

Obviously his career highlight was volunteering to be the buddy driver to the legendary Eddie Hall when the young upstart made his debut at Buckmore Park in 2002, but his second highlight was scoring his first - and thus far only - win (or podium of any sort in Club100) at Bayford Meadows in 2013.

Club100 Career

2000 Premier Endurance Championship 14th
2001 Premier Endurance Championship 19th
2002 Premier Endurance Championship 23rd
2003 Lightweight Sprint Championship 75th
2003 Premier Endurance Championship 25th
2004 Lightweight Sprint Championship 57th
2004 Premier Endurance Championship 25th
2005 Lightweight Sprint Championship 62th
2005 Premier Endurance Championship 25th
2006 Premier Endurance Championship 23rd
2007 Lightweight Sprint Championship 37th
2007 Clubman Endurance Championship 14th
2008 Lightweight Sprint Championship 62th
2008 Clubman Endurance Championship 24th
2009 Lightweight Sprint Championship 44th
2009 Clubman Endurance Championship 22nd
2010 Clubman Endurance Championship 14th
2011 Clubman Endurance Championship 9th
2012 Clubman Endurance Championship 5th
2013 Clubman Endurance Championship 11th
2014 Clubman Endurance Championship 6th