Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill

Nickname: Sir Tim
Twitter: @jordanxhill

A relatively late starter in karting, Jordan first got behind the wheel competitively in 2006 racing in the BUKC. Success came very quickly and he was soon snapped up by the legendary Howard Kayman to race for one of his teams in the Club100 Inters championship. Making his debut mid-season, Jordan helped the Sugar Hut team to a solid 4th place in 2007. He was soon hot property and premier teams were already making offers. However, he opted to form his own team for 2008 and enter the Clubman endurance championship with Stuart Davies, whom he’d met at Le Mans the previous year.

Success was instant and the duo swept to the title as well as competing with success at the Le Mans 24 Hour kart race. However, a move up the Premier series for 2009 saw declining results and Davies parted mid-season, leaving Hill scrabbling around for replacement drivers for the rest of the year. Jordan dissolved the team at the end of the year and became a driver for hire. Success did come in the Open championship; taking the title in 2009 with Harry Landy, Glen Beard and Eddie Hall, as well as race wins in the Spiros series and Le Mans.

2011 saw him return full time the the premier series with Lee Clackett and Le Mans team mate Pete O’Connor in the newly formed Team Carbon. It didn’t take long for success to come and they won their first race in only their third attempt. Two more wins and several podiums followed on their way to 2nd in the championship. After Clackett left under a cloud, Jordan resurrected the Ministry of Speed team and once again finished runner up in the championship. Hopes were high for 2013 but a disastrous season saw them win not a single race. However, 2014 was a very different story and a season-long battle saw them take 9 podiums in 11 races, including 4 wins on their way to the championship.

Club100 Career

2007 Intermediate Endurance Championship 4th
2008 Clubman Endurance Championship 1st
2008 Clubman O Plate Championship 1st
2009 Premier Endurance Championship 11th
2009 Open Endurance Championship 1st
2010 Open Endurance Championship 4th
2011 Premier Endurance Championship 2nd
2012 Premier Endurance Championship 2nd
2013 Premier Endurance Championship 7th
2014 Premier Endurance Championship 1st