Chris Bell

Chris Bell

Nickname: Bell L Cool J

Chris Bell entered Club100 with very little experience under his belt. Nevertheless, he soon established himself as one of the promising young drivers emerging at the time.

Making his debut in the lightweight sprints at the tail end of 2003 was a steep learning curve but by mid-way through 2004 he was a regular A finalist. This was back in the days when there was only a lightweight and heavyweight class so making an A final was like winning an Indycar championship, only harder. Chris continued to make good progress the following two seasons, although a podium finish eluded him.

2007 was a breakthrough year. Moving up to the newly created premier championship saw Bell on the pace with the best drivers in the club. He also partnered fellow premier sprinters Chris Powell and Jay Elliott in the premier endurance championship that year. However, such a strong line-up failed to deliver and, despite some strong results, they failed to win a race. 2008 saw an improvement in the prem sprints, with Bell being very evenly matched with reigning Heavyweight sprint champion, MarcMarc Laukum. These two would team up the following year with the legendary Eddie Hall with the trio scoring a top 5 in the prem championship. Bell also won the open class of the winter series that year.

University commitments saw Chris take a back seat from mainstream Club100 racing for the next couple of seasons, although he kept his hand in driving in the BUKC feeder series, taking the 2011 championship with the Bath A team.

He was back with a vengeance in 2012. After doing a small handful of stand-in drives for Jon Maycock’s team in 2011, he joined Maycock and Jonny Goddard in the newly formed Pure Racing team. Results weren’t long in coming and they ended their first season with 5th in the championship. With the changing demographic in the premier field, they emerged as one of the leading teams the following year, finishing runners-up 2013, third in 2014 and winning back-to-back championships in 2015 and 2016.

Club100 Career

2004 Lightweight Sprint Championship 28th
2005 Lightweight Sprint Championship 18th
2006 Lightweight Sprint Championship 10th
2007 Premier Sprint Championship 20th
2007 Premier Endurance Championship 5th
2008 Premier Sprint Championship 16th
2009 Premier Sprint Championship 16th
2009 Premier Endurance Championship 6th
2009 Open Winter Championship 1st
2012 Premier Endurance Championship 5th
2013 Premier Endurance Championship 2nd
2014 Premier Endurance Championship 3rd
2015 Premier Endurance Championship 1st
2016 Premier Endurance Championship 1st