Andy Cowell

Andy Cowell

Nickname: Mutley

Without doubt Club100’s favourite pantomime villain, Andy “Mutley” Cowell has been a mainstay of the series for nearly twenty years as both a driver, clerk of the course and, of course, one of the most renowned bandits ever to grace the race tracks. In fact only Pastor Maldonado is feared more in wheel-to-wheel combat.

Andy’s introduction to the world of proper karting came in 1999 when he arranged a corporate indoor karting event. Unbeknownst to him was that one of his clients was a chap called Marc Craddock, who was already a multiple champion, and he turned up and proceeded to blow everyone into the weeds (well, what passes for weeds on an indoor track). Craddock persuaded Cowell to enter the sprint championship and he soon established himself within the club.

In 2000 he made his debut in the endurance series with Terry Morgan, entering as “Dastardly and Mutley”. This name stuck and he’s now more commonly known by his nickname. Mutley went on to form his own team under the banner of his Just So company and ran Stuart Symonds, Phil Ingram and Brian Trott, who went on to dominate the premier championship. Cowell briefly returned as a driver prior to their championship success during Trott’s sabbatical.

Despite not racing much for his own team, Cowell made several appearances as a substitute driver for various premier and clubman teams over the years and had a long spell with Pantera Racing. While he still makes the occasional appearance on track, Cowell spends more time on the wrong side of the law; dishing out penalties to drivers.

He has become synonymous with Club100 and, as a driver rep, was one of the leading people to push for the class split in the sprint championship in 2006. He is probably most well known as a clerk of the course and rarely fails to receive a chorus of boos from the drivers when his name is announced. There are also very few teams and drivers up and down the pit lane who haven’t had logos and names embroidered on their overalls by Andy’s Just So company.

It looks as though the Mutley name will continue in Club100 for some time yet as Mutley Junior (Harry Cowell) drives the pusher kart at most races.